Friday, December 16, 2011

Why We Have To Live Without You, Father?

When I was only two years old and my lil sis was only one years old

Our father went away
He left mommy…left us all behind
Before he left…..he said..
He will always remember us….always love us
But he just couldn’t stay….no more…not for any longer time

Hours turned into days
Days turned into weeks
And weeks turned into months
Months was accumulated into years
We spent many nights without feeling his gently kisses on our cheeks
Or just simply holding us to sleep at night

He always missed our birthday
Even missed only to say happy birthday to us
But later on….he always missed everything about us
Our childhood, our school, our times
He never realized
He missed all his time to be with us

Sometimes we just try to guess
Whether he still remember us
Whether he really loves us
And soon enough as we’ll be the teenager soon
Just make us more wondering
Will we go through those time without our father,too?

/lym 16/12/2011

from : kompasiana

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